Collaborations & Partnerships

The global challenges digital agriculture seeks to address require world-class solutions. Cornell is a uniquely positioned partner with its Ivy League status and Land-Grant mission focused on cutting-edge research and technology transfer.

The Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) welcomes innovative and mutually beneficial private-public partnerships. We are committed to advancing responsible research and innovation. By convening diverse partners from the private sector, foundations, civil society organizations and government agencies, CIDA engages grand societal challenges. These relationships, combined with Cornell’s talented faculty, staff and students and state-of-the-art research and development facilities, position us to develop integrated responses to economic, social and ecological problems. Corporate Relations Graphic

Sample facility assets include high pressure processing (HPP), plant transformation and gene editing facility, seed analyzers, seed treatment technology, encapsulation technology, robotics and advanced computing capabilities, nano-scale fabrication technology, the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station (Ithaca), taste physiology laboratory, dairy management and testing facility, greenhouses, a particle accelerator and the Geneva, New York,  Center of Excellence in Food and Agriculture, Cornell AgriTech, Food Venture Center and Fruit and Vegetable Processing Pilot Plant.

Research conducted at Cornell has a proven history of positive impact for entrepreneurs, businesses, and industries in New York state and worldwide. CIDA’s access to world-class researchers and facilities bring stakeholders value through a triple bottom line, providing social, economic and environmental impact.

CIDA improves stakeholder innovations through basic and applied research, product development and an understanding of consumer needs and trends. Operations are improved through process innovation, systems approaches and management, and waste reduction and re-utilization.

CIDA generates value across the supply chain including inputs (quality control and safety, alternative inputs, and product insights and analytics), throughputs (process/system optimization, new tools, new processes, new products) and outputs (product safety and pathogen management, waste stream management, extraction of valuable molecules and product testing and validation).

CIDA brings strategic engagement to partnerships across the university and is continuously working to expand current and develop new strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships that strengthen the teaching, research and extension outreach missions of Cornell.

To be part of the extraordinary future of CIDA’s discoveries, global solutions, and innovations, contact:

Gabriela Cestero

259 Emerson Hall
607.254.8604 – Office