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Connecting world-renowned researchers across academic boundaries with multidisciplinary practitioners to solve agri-food systems challenges.

Past events

Major events

Digital Ag Workshop: Transforming Agriculture and Food Systems October 9, 2018
Agenda and Presentations

Digital Ag Seminars – Video Archives

Controlled Environment Agriculture: Optimizing Natural Resource Use in Greenhouses and Plant Factories, Neil Mattson, Associate Professor, and Kale Harbick, Research Associate, School of Integrative Plant Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, January 28, 2019. Abstract.

Sustainable Management of Dairy and Food Wastes Using Hydrothermal Thermal Processing to Recover Energy, Nutrients, and Clean Water, Jefferson Tester, Professor, Sustainable Energy Systems, College of Engineering, December 11, 2018. Abstract.

Technology and Our Land-Grant University Mission in Nutrient Management, The Power in Partnerships Quirine Ketterings, Professor, Nutrient Management in Agricultural Systems, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, November 13, 2018. Abstract.

The Intersection of Digital Agriculture and Dairy Farm Production  Curt Gooch, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, September 18, 2018. Abstract.

A Blockchain for the Food Supply Chain   Robbert van Renesse, June 12, 2018, Cornell CIS, June 12, 2018. Abstract.

Using Mobile Phones to Support Peer Learning in Agriculture Tapin Parikh, Cornell Tech, May 10, 2018. Abstract

The Efficient Vineyard Project: Spatial Data Driven Vineyard Crop Load Management Terry Bates, Cornell Lake Erie Research and Extension Lab,  April 16, 2018. Abstract

Institutional analysis of technical change in agrifood systems: Situating Digital Agriculture in a political economic context Prof. Steven Wolf, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, January 23, 2018. Abstract

Improving Food and Nutritional Security for the Global South: The Genetic Improvement of Maize and Cassava with Smallholder Farmers  Prof. Mike Gore, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, December 17, 2017 Abstract

Advances in Agricultural Analytics and Digital Agriculture   Prof. Josh Woodard, S.C. Johnson College of Business, November 21, 2017 Abstract

Other past events

Cornell Faculty Meeting for Digital Ag, July 18, 2018

Digital Ag Field Trip to Cornell Musgrave Farm and Walnut Ridge Dairy Farm, July 17, 2018

Cornell Faculty Meeting for Digital Ag, February 26, 2018

Cornell Faculty and Staff Digital Ag Fall Retreat, October 11, 2017


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