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Research news

Computer program aids food safety experts with pathogen testing – Cornell Chronicle, January 24th, 2019 – Nature paper (full version) – EnABLe: An agent-based model to understand Listeria dynamics in food processing facilities – Claire Zoellner, Rachel Jennings, Martin Wiedmann, and Renata Ivanek  

Study reveals how pathogen proteins team up to defeat plants; Cornell Chronicle – May 14, 2018

Crops hold harmful mutations that reduce productivity; Cornell Chronicle – March 14, 2018

New ‘Tomato Expression Atlas’ dives deep into the fruit’s flesh; Cornell Chronicle – February 5, 2018

New tool forecasts spring’s arrival months in advance; Cornell Chronicle – January 30, 2018

Growers Say Precision Agriculture is changing the way they farm; Growing Produce – January 22, 2018


Cornell projects to cultivate digital agriculture landscape; Cornell Chronicle – August 29, 2017

Expanding on Cornell’s digital agriculture initiative, a slate of six projects totaling more than $1 million will generate innovative research in the intersecting fields of agriculture, computation and engineering.

Research investment from the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station (CUAES) will fund six proposals over three years focused on developing computational and informational technologies to create more profitable, efficient and sustainable agricultural practices. The projects – featuring collaborative expertise from researchers across Cornell – will tackle issues and emerging technology critical to modern agriculture: robotics, weather forecasting, big data, privacy concerns, animal health and natural resources management.





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