Digital Innovations

CIDA’s systems analytics framework will guide the development of digital innovations that will (i) develop a next generation of communications and computing technologies to provide affordable, high-performance connectivity to farms, transportation infrastructure, and markets (ii) invent scale-bridging sensing technologies to access and transmit efficiently the relevant parameters from the biological (crop, livestock, pest, and pathogen) and micro-environmental contexts that define food production, processing, and distribution and (iii) create smart, autonomous systems that benefit, in real-time, from the coordinated power of analytics to provide optimized and individualized handling of all elements within agro-food systems. Together, these innovations will provide unprecedented opportunities for scientific discovery and improved productivity, quality, sustainability and profitability.

Sense and act:

  • Develop tools for pervasive sensing and automation in agricultural practices, from the molecular and cellular level to the scale of the field/barn, ecosystem, distribution network, and market.
  • Design nanobiosensors to “measure the immeasurable.”
  • Engineer smart, autonomous machines that can evaluate and treat individuals with minimal invasion.

Connect and compute:

  • Invent and deploy new secure, private and reliable communication channels and local or edge computing for rural communities and remote farms.
  • Expand the Cloud to the edge of the farm, the Edge Cloud, requiring seamless and continuous computation and communication despite severely limited and intermittent energy supply, and despite intermittent and sparse cellular network connectivity.
  • Reconcile the modes and idiosyncrasies of a highly heterogeneous, highly granular collection of analog and digital, as well as hardware and software components.